Political Division

SBA Political Division

Small Business Australia is a community-based organisation with a political wing that stands for individual liberty and accountable government. As such, our political wing is based on libertarian principles that aim to minimise government control of our everyday lives.

The political wing of Small Business Australia is the Australian Federation Party (AFP). You can visit the party’s website by Clicking Here.

We believe that the government and their bureaucratic functionaries have neither the right, expertise nor track record to tell people how to run their lives. In particular, we believe Australia as a Nation is long overdue for a Bill of Rights, as opposed to relying on our Constitution and United Nations initiatives, which can be vague and often near impossible to enforce within our legal system.

Indeed the Australian Human Rights Commission have long advocated that having a Bill of Rights would impact positively on the day-to-day lives of Australians, particularly in key areas like freedom of speech & the right to legal representation.

At a grassroots level, the AFP adopts a very fluid approach towards local branch activities, understanding that a vast country will often have similarly vast differences in terms of regional priorities.

Hence, unlike other political parties, the AFP views its political role as one of fostering unified community activism via our branch structure. For that very reason, the AFP encourages individuals to create active branches that represent the concerns of members, community groups and individuals within their local community. This in turn will result in candidates being nominated from branches who stand for their local communities and region, on issues relevant to their region and local community.

Involvement in the political division of Small Business Australia, the Australian Federation Party (AFP) is voluntary and not a requirement of membership of Small Business Australia.

Small Business Australia may seek your input on basic local community, and regional issues you may require addressing, so the political division can support you, but not require your actual involvement in the political process.

We look forward to building a better Australia for ALL Australians.