Small Business Australia encourages and helps facilitate small business ownership and growth in Australia. Representing the needs of businesses, employees and customers at local and government levels to improve profitably, logistics, and reduce overheads and cost of living.

 Reduce Cost of Living and Improve Community Engagement

We are an organisation focusing on helping Australians reduce their cost of living by helping small business owners, and employees reduce their business costs through increased profitability to help them reduce the cost of their goods and services to their customers.

Nationally, we engage, develop and grow local communities around their local small businesses through networking, events and online. We directly support small businesses and their employees through support, webinars, conferences, coaching, mentoring and business consulting.  The importance of engaging with customers ensures a win/win for everyone in your local community.

We believe that the current corporate-influenced political class has lost sight of Australia’s largest employer, the small business sector. Because of increasing red tape and the cost of doing business forced on small businesses, a united approach is needed by Australians, to Stand Together with SBA to reduce the cost of living in Australia and transform government-level legislation and red tape.

Join our growing network across Australia and over 70 candidates who are standing together for positive change at our conferences, markets, online malls, community rewards programs, forums, webinars, networking, social media, coaching, mentoring and business consulting and support for owners and their staff.

 New Approach to Building Community & Representing Australia’s People

We are a new style of organisation that is committed to representing the people in your local community that own, are families of owners, workers employed by businesses in Australia and those who do business with small businesses in Australia.

We will be building community hubs around local businesses to include customers and the greater local community as small business success in your community contributes to reduced cost of living and a more vibrant and economically strong community.

We are opening the doors to partnerships so you can have your say and help influence the direction of small businesses from community to government.

Your contribution ensures the growth and awareness of Small Business Australia and positive future outcomes through policy reform and solid local, State and Territory and national government representation.

We will be working with you to increase awareness of the importance of small businesses in communities while influencing the positive change of crucial issues, roadblocks and constricting laws and work towards decreasing government policy around red and green tape for businesses.

As the single largest employer in Australia, and the fact that 97.4%+ of all Australian businesses are small businesses, the Small Business Sector is an important focus in repairing Australia and restoring prosperity and security to your community’s families.

 Small Business the Key to Uniting Local Communities

Nearly all people in Australia buy from a small business every week, including franchises of large multinational corporations and single-owner small businesses like garden care, home services, taxis, couriers, and doctors, just to name a very small few.

The Small Business sector is the single largest employer in Australia. When it comes to the cost of living, cost of services and much more, the small business sector is a very important sector to work with to ultimately seek to lower your cost of living, as long as we can help them reduce their costs, so they can pass savings onto you.

As a political organisation, we are committed to ensuring that our candidates and elected representatives are committed to you, the people, and they are required to sign a local community contract with us that they are committed to the people of their local council/ward, state or federal electorate as their first priority.

The Small Business Australia Community Commitment

Commitment I

Every month we commit to holding a town hall public meeting in your local council/ward or electorate with an open agenda where the people can come and listen to how we have been representing them and ask any question they want.

Commitment II

Every month we commit to running a democracy training session for constituents to attend to learn about the Australian political system and local councils and how each person can participate.

Commitment III

We commit to voting independently of the political organisation if any policy does not align with the needs and expectations of the people in your community/electorate that we represent.

Commitment IV

We commit to never participate in rushed legislation that has not been considered by qualified members of your electorate other than legislation that is in the direct interest of the immediate national security of our nation.

Commitment V

We commit to ensuring that every new proposed bill and amended legislation will first be put to a People’s Legislative Review Group in your electorate. The feedback will be provided to the relevant Australian or state parliament or local council.

Commitment VI

We commit to using technology to hear the voice of the people and not use technology against the people. We are committed to ensuring that a democracy in your hand private communications app is launched as soon as possible.

Small Business Australia Community Membership

We plan to have a division of Small Business Australia registered to represent you, in every state and territory of Australia this year.

We want to see Small Business Australia community hubs in every community so that small business owners, their families, employees and customers can communicate and work together to improve outcomes for all people in your local community.

Policies and issues we will be fighting for will be developed with you on a community-by-community/electorate-by-electorate basis, and they will be listed on our new website by Local Council, State Electorate and Federal Electorate. We will not be an organisation where one size fits all. We are committed to listening to you, the people and representing you.

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